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Facts On Using Mantras For Healing

Everything has some form of vibration. This ranges from trees, flowers and even human body parts. All these things have their unique vibration. The vibrational energy is not only found in objects but also in feelings like joy, peace and love. When one feels good emotions like happiness, vibrancy and even being healthy then these vibrations have reached a balanced point that foster’s the person’s development. Any negative emotion disrupts this balance and thrusts the person into a state of limbo and discomfort. Many healing mantras are based on critical assessments on what kind of sound needs to be reintroduced back into the area so as to re-establish balance and comfort once again.

Nature has a lot of sounds that vary from the chirping of birds, the sound of wind rustling through the trees, the innocent laughter of kids and various other sounds. Since most people spend time away from nature then they miss out on these vibrations that are created by nature. For the few people that spend some time outdoors then they have the benefit of having their vibrational energy harmonized and balance restored.

The use of sound for healing dates back to the earliest civilizations on the planet. It is only the complexity of this art that varies among communities that practice it. This practice is so old among the Indian people such that they have built a body of knowledge around it and even called it the Vedic science of Mantras.

Mantras are defined as sounds that have been studied for a while and whose effects are well known. These sounds take effect when they are chanted out loudly or repeatedly whispered. The effects vary from healing, inner awakening or even transformation. Mantras have various applications. Some of the needs that can be healed by using mantras are curing snake bites or even performing spiritual re-awakenings.

There are many kinds of mantras and one of them is Japa. Japa is a broad healing mantra that caters to various needs. It is associated with uttering a certain number of repetitions of the mantra for it to take effect.

For Japa to take effect the person needs to repeat the mantra as many times as the number of beads in the string of beads that comes with the mantra. A larger number of the beaded strings have 109 beads with one of the beads indicating where the person should stop and where they should begin. In certain cases a shorter string of beads is used together with the main string of beads. Using these strings takes commitment. The number of days that one will need to utter the mantra daily depends on the heaviness of the issue they have and some can be using Japa for as long as a whole month.

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