Add Protection With Security Doors

Instead of a flimsy screen door or storm door, why not invest just a bit more and get security doors that really protect a home or commercial building. Security doors made with TAPCO screen and strong aluminum frames keep a home or business safe from intruders. The doors add one more layer of security when it is needed. People who live or have businesses in neighborhoods where there is a rising crime rate cannot always move.

One More Door For Security

Adding these security doors gives a building owner one more layer of security during vulnerable hours. When the commercial building is closed for the night or the weekend, these high-quality security doors add an additional layer of security. This makes it harder for thieves to break into the building. Combined with security window screens, the doors make a building much safer. Thieves will choose the easiest building on the block to break into. Additional security doors make businesses or homes less tempting for thieves.

Are The Doors Attractive?

Security doors can come in many designs and sizes. They are stronger, not more obvious than regular, less expensive storm or screen doors. These doors are made in America from top-quality steel and aluminum and come in several colors or finishes. The doors are most effective when they are properly installed and used. They also add another layer of energy efficiency. Careful planning and choices can make these doors an attractive addition to a home at the front door, the back door, and even a french door or sliding door.

Storm Protection

These security doors and coordinating security windows will also help protect a home or business from storm damage or high winds. The glass windows behind the screens will have a strong layer of protection between them and a storm event. The screen material is very strong but still allows high visibility from inside the building being protected. And unlike wrought iron bars on windows, these security screens can be opened for emergency exits in case of fire. Making the investment in security doors and windows can pay for itself many times over. For more information, visit the website.